Friday, 30 August 2013

Haritha goes green!

Green & Eco Friendly

Haritha goes green! 

Because the environment is important to us,Haritha Homes built in a campus of 12 acres of pristine virgin land is one of the most eco friendly residential projects in Thrissur. This vast area ensures abundant free flow of fresh and cool air and it is a great relief that the entire location is free from all sorts of pollutions. The water from the natural wells of this land is pure and clear.
Haritha Homes surrounded by rich greenery is a great feast for your eyes as well as your mind. The trees we maintain in this campus generated life giving oxygen for your healthy physique. Even though Haritha Homes is located not very far from the city, it remains as an island of serenity with its rich greenery and eco friendly environment.

Each day in this dream project is born to enjoy a happy, healthy life !


Your safety is one of our priorities. To put your mind at ease, Haritha has improved certain existing features.

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