Tuesday 31 October 2017

Apartment Etiquette Of All Times | Flats For Sale In Thrissur


Showcasing  the  services as a part of the social responsibility towards the humanity, Harith Homes allocates residential villas and apartments in Thrissur to each and every section of the society. Customers are the reason for the growth and fame of our property in Thrissur, so we have  a special consideration for them in all manner. We continue the relationship even after the deal is over. Our spreads has expanded across the state too. Currently we have our wings widened with  2 / 3 bhk flats in Kerala made ready for living.

Life in flats are one which is to be remembered, even if its is for a month or year. It gives a chance to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world. Many of us are not thinking how their activities cause disturbance to others in the locked rooms. Some rules and regulations are mandatory to be followed for enjoying the weather both inside and outside the complex. Next time you see a similar situation, make both the parties aware about some etiquettes to be obeyed during the stay.

    Almost in every apartments, silent hours will be tabulated either on the way to the rooms or fixed on the walls, at the entry of the apartment. Mostly 9 pm till 9 am is marked as the quiet hours. During this time every inmates are requested to reduce the effect of noise from their side in all forms as it is one of the most complained issues to the management.       

    Talks between the people in a low audible sound won't create much concern to the neighbours around. But playing video games or watching  television using a woofer will definitely give some frustration to them. If you are living in a multistoreyed building in an upper deck, make sure not to stamp on the floor too hard with the legs or shoes. 

    Washing the clothes one wear is a difficult task for the residents even though there is a laundry available on the ground floor or nearby because you have to go to the place, find out the free washers or sometimes unavailability of the laundry for cleaning may annoy the person. Remove all the hanged dresses after drying  and make way for others.

    The verandah will be present for every rooms in the apartment. Not taking into consideration, whether it is spacious or not people will find time to sit and relax for some hours or may be minutes in the midst of the busy life. Throwing wastes away or spilling soil from plant pots, throwing words on an individual walking in the road etc will give a bad impression on you.  

    Common areas like swimming pools, canteens, kitchen are some of the spots which are open to all the residents staying in the building. Ensure to remove the remainings before leaving the kitchen or canteen. Taking care of the public places like your own can help in maintaining the cleanliness without being a disturbance to the other user's.

    As  you have bought the flat after investing a huge amount and since that, some of us will be having a desire to decorate the interiors. Eventhough they are allowed, the owners would have imposed some limits on such activities. Building a lawn or plantation outside the apartment are not allowed. Designing with lots of lightings and illuminations are discouraged. 

    Having a pet is considered as a privilege by the owners. Buying one is not a fault but don't expect others to love your pet like you do. Bath them daily to avoid any communicable diseases. Keep the dog on a  leash and control their barking to prevent distraction to the people walking through the hall. It is recommended to keep them indoors.

    Parking lot is another headache for the owners often. Most of the occupants park in the public area in front. When a group of people visits you for a reunion, park in a place without obstructing the way to the building. If the space is not available for the vehicle, move a bit far away from the normal place of residence of the car or in an allowed spot.

    Some general issues during an apartment living includes singing in a loud toned voice, commenting people passing by, smoking, liquor are strictly prohibited. Blocking the way upstairs by keeping their things on the way is not fair. Actions like threatening and stealing will be subjected to legal actions and the victims found to be guilty will be severely punished. 


Monday 23 October 2017


One of the leading real estate builders in Thrissur, we focus on greenery and splendour  which accomplishes the fantasy of the customers who are behind our success. As our name says- Haritha means Greenery, we renew our attention  for an eco friendly environment merged with luxury which majority of the people desire for nowadays in this hectic and rigid life.

Haritha Homes dispenses one of the best apartments in Thrissur along with the services we provide for a quality living in Thrissur. Apartments can  not only be defined as concrete forests and also should be packed with all the provision required for a space of living. Hence there are multiple elements you have to explore on  before going for an apartment living. 

Ultimate Checklists Before Buying an Apartment in Thrissur

Apartment Costs: 

You must be aware of the cost which you are urged to pay to the seller and must give a detailed exploration before putting the offer in your hand. It is  mandatory for an individual to know the initial payment, whether there are any hidden interests, maintenance amount and period of payment. Many fraudster activities are still out there and request you to keep a step away from them.

Space and Comfort:

You spend a lot of time in the space you bought so must check for the comfort in the living room, dining hall, kitchen bathroom etc and also examine the cleanliness around and a spacious area will always give a level of fulfilment to the residents residing over in the premises.  

Car Parking: 

As the automobiles are ascending day by day so the residents who are looking for a space will definitely have to search whether car parking facility is made accessible by the owners. Not only that it must fit for all the in the apartment and ensure all latest security features are tendered in and around the spot. 

Check for Facilities Around:

Before buying a property it is the duty of the buyer to check whether it has provision for all the basic amenities one need in their daily schedule in life. Also scan for schools, hospitals, stores, security, parks, sceneries  and transportation is  accessible nearby to the apartment.

Calm and Friendly Atmosphere:

Avoid areas where peace of mind are null. Check In to a space where you get a calm and friendly environment all around. Each and everyone wishes for a relaxation period along with family or friends after the hectic work schedule of a day is over.

Pollution Free:

Pollution is one of the major issue the whole population faces at any  time of their lifetime. Look whether they avails you with quality water, food and air also clean sanitation in all means are bestowed. It is  better if you give an inspection with the help of an environmental specialist. Check whether well sewage and waste treatment plants are implemented.  


How does the apartment structurally sound? Look for the basics needed like number of power outlets shaped ,noise insulations, overall structural standard and more importantly examine whether earth has been provided to all electrical appliances. These checks can also be tendered with the help of a civil engineer too.

Market Research:

Do you have the habit of asking for a second opinion? Even if the answer is no, commence it right now!.  Consistently search for a second opinion which is what we call it  “Market Research”. Hunt for advisors, real estators and lenders and also ask  with locals and inhabitants living in or around the locality and carefully visualize their opinion about the same

Haritha Homes  has been soaring high as one of the best builders in Kerala and we scheme  to put our effort to outside countries as well for the successful and magnificent lifestyle of our customers.  

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Haritha Homes -The Choice for a healthy lifestyle- flats in thrissur

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Choose a healthy choice ,Its your choice 
Are you thinking of buying your dream house ? If yes , then you must be having a lot of questions and you must be looking some guidance from everyone you know?(HARITHA HOMES). Over the last couple of days I was tying to catch up with readers who have bought flats or other real estate property and asked them 3-4 questions which could give you good understanding/points of what all you should take care while buying real estate . And from them I got a clear idea that haritha homes full filled all the requirements to buy a dream home . I said because , HARITHA HOMES full fills all the basic requirements of a house

   One gets good idea of available infrastructure like nearby groceries, shops, availability of household help, situation regarding water supply etc which matters more to the lady of the house.

One can see whether building is being maintained or not. When I visited a building just two-year old, I was quite surprised to see its shabby look. It turned out that many members of society were quarreling and not paying their dues. One can easily skip such headache if buying slightly old property.

You can very well see the neighbours. It might be good idea to just meet them and greet them even if for only little time. It gives clarity on what standard of living is maintained by residents .For example, my brother skipped a building which was really well maintained, with quite good location and flat available within budget. Surprised, I asked him the reasons. It turned out that almost every one of the residents was having more than one car in family and holiday trip abroad was fairly common. My brother did not want to be part of such residency as he thought it would not be possible for him to fit in with people having such life styles since he could not afford such life style.

 villas in thrissur

There are some buildings where there is only one flat occupied on a floor, others being bought by “investors”. One can avoid possibility of living on a ghost floor by buying little old property.

Haritha Home full fills your dreams |flats and apartments in thrissur

Friday 4 August 2017

How GST Influence Builders in Kerala ?

Real estate is considered as one of the vital sectors affected by one of the major significant changes initiated recently by Government of India - Goods and Service Tax Bill. Abbreviated as GST, it is scheduled to get effect from July 1 this year and the scheme is said to transform the way taxes are handled in every aspect.

As tax is a vital thing included in every transaction of finances, real estate is definitely going to get impacted on rise of GST. Notably, this sector is one of the worst in terms of illegal happenings and with its implementation, unauthorized moves by anyone will be trapped, followed by serious punishable actions to be imposed on the culprit. 

Introduction to Goods & Service Tax

Goods and Service Tax can be defined as an indirect tax applicable on production, sales, utilisation of all goods and services, aimed at merging many tax forms introduced by other governments such as VAT, CST, Service Tax, Purchase tax etc, forming a single tax reform nationally. It simplifies double taxation and follows a single taxation process throughout the country for easy administration purpose.

How GST Affects Best Properties in Kerala ?

Eventhough, all the terms and conditions of GST related to real estate are unknown, developers in Trichur can hope for benefits to a limit. It is to be noted that every schemes won't knock open the positive side, but can also have some negative impacts too, personally. Here we are going to discuss about the effect on the sector due to this big national move.

  • Best properties in Kerala will have a good time after GST comes to a full effect. They only have to give less amount of tax on a property trade, as multiple layer of taxes are merged into a single taxation process, resulting in reduced amount of charge. Real estators get a 10% less tax rate on the item after implementation of the scheme. Also, time and money on construction process will drop.
  • Full Input Tax Credit (ITC) to be initiated by the GST council has proved to be beneficial for the builders because they can claim the credit on taxes for items which are already purchased. Prior to implementation of GST, developers had no rights to request for money under any circumstances. Now, buyers too can grasp a small comfort from this move by passing this rule to the customers as well.

  • There are more positive sides for this scheme. People who are specialised in real estate industry can see an increased flow of finances to and from their hands. Demand for cash may also boost up, resulting in hike in sales followed by enhancing the scope of the field.

  • Till now, real estate industry has been crowded with numerous tax forms, with all taxes nearing to an approximate amount equivalent to one third of the property value. This urged many developers to go for corrupt practices, which can be totally ceased with GST coming into the play. It ensures a constant and white money to flow throughout the country.

  • Moreover, goods and service tax can lead to a better economy to live in. With increased flow of white money throughout the nation, thereby increases a chance for many poor societies to come up in every field, avoiding unauthorized incoming of money to the wrong hands. It enables builders to maintain their growth in a steady state without fear of fall in the middle.

How GST Affects Property Buyers ?

Those who are struggling under ongoing projects have a happy news to hear. They only have to pay approximately 12 % tax for the property instead of 25% in the current double taxation process, making the execution of several plans much easier and significantly saves a lot of time.

Eventhough, financial components like VAT, Service Tax etc, varies from state to state, customers can now buy a flat in Thrissur for just 12% tax and central tax rate is levied at 15%. Consumers can also ensure that they get complete answer for any type of query put forward on the dealer, avoiding them to fall in fraudulent activities.


Both RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act) and GST (Goods and Service Tax) are merging together to bring a new set of rules to the real estate industry, which can aid in leading to a more transparent and continually growing nation to come up in the future. It can be concluded that GST will be beneficial for buyers, investors and developers to receive a profit earning method for all the members included in the project,  through the implementation of this scheme.  

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Thrissur Pooram 2017 - Haritha Homes | Flat For Sale in Thrissur

Thrissur Pooram is known as Pooram of all poorams is one of the most eye striking festival in the world. The famed Vadakkunnathan temple has itself come under one of the world's heritage site last year. The festival is marked on May 5th in 2017. The celebration commences as the Pooram star awakes in the night sky.

Deities from 8 temples constitutes the Cherapuram,  namely Kanimangalam, Karamukku, Choorakkattukara, Laloor, Ayyanthole, Neithilakkavu Chembukkavu and Panamukkampilly are invited to the cultural city to pay tribute to the presiding god - Vadakkunnathan or lord Shiva during the month of Medam according to Malayalam calendar. 

Thousands of people reach the premises on account of this festival from all over the world to witness its magnificence. The Pooram is conducted by two group of temples - Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu. The celebration among the two teams are conducted in a competitive manner, however there is no prize for the winner. 

Events during the Occasion 

One of the change that can be seen in 2017 Pooram is the launch of fibre panthal at Naduvilal. There are lot of events held during the day of Pooram, some of them includes Madathil Varavu, Elanjithara Melam, Kudamattam and at last the Vedikettu. Let us explore each one by one.

Madathil Varavu:

Madathil Varavu or the entry of Thiruvambadi team to the Vadakkunnathan temple, along with their 15 elephants decorated in golden head pad. The main jumbo in the group will carry an idol of lord Sri Krishna accompanied by a paapan (a person who controls and care a domesticated elephant) and other members. 

Elanjithara Melam:

 A procession held by Paramekkavu team of members, where they would be carrying the statue of the Bhagavati from the temple and heading towards the Elanji tree inside the premises of Vadakkunnathan temple. The group will be having a set of instruments with which they create a sweet resonance for the viewers to enjoy. 


Temple representatives usually take part in this event. Umbrella crafter with bright colours are exchanged and kept for display sitting on the top of the elephant. This is a spectacular view for the people during the late evening when the heat of the sun has settled down. Both Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi team will be participating in the competition.


Vedikettu or the fireworks is the most highlighting item in Thrissur pooram. Eventhough it is risky, temple authorities take utmost care in organising the event by getting approval from the concerned authorities. You may also view the sample vedikettu on May 3rd 2017, late in the evening. However the real explosive displays starts early in the morning around 3 am and lasts for almost 3 hours. 

Watching the fireworks by the two teams is a view no one can forget. So a perfect spot will be booked well  in advance by the people. The whole city will be crowded with population. Haritha Homes is residential apartment in Trichur with ready positioned flats to get the best snaps of Vedikettu from all angles.

A Guide for Tourists: 

 People worldwide visits the city during this festive season to grab one of the most breathtaking event which they would never see anywhere. A short guide for these spectators will reduce their complications in reaching the city. All modes of transportation are available to Thrissur from various parts of Kerala namely: 

1. By Air:  

Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) is the nearest one  where both domestic and international terminals are open for the public. Nedumbassery is the exact spot name which is 60 kms north of Thrissur. Next closest is the Calicut International Airport located at Karipur in Malappuram district, about 100 kms from the cultural capital. 

2. By Rail:  

Thrissur is one of the most busiest railway station in the southern railways. Numerous of the population will depend on railways for travel as it is cheaper and easier. The terminal is situated at about 1.5 kms from Vadakkunnathan temple. Frequent trains connect to all the major cities in Kerala like Ernakulam, Trivandrum and Calicut.

3. By Road:  

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) hub is situated at about 100 metres from railway station and 1 km from Vadakkumnathan temple. Here too, continuous bus services are available along NH47 (Salem - Ernakulam). Main private bus station is Sakthan stand located to the south west of Thrissur city. It connects to major cities like Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Kozhikode, Palakkad and Chennai.