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One of the leading real estate builders in Thrissur, we focus on greenery and splendour  which accomplishes the fantasy of the customers who are behind our success. As our name says- Haritha means Greenery, we renew our attention  for an eco friendly environment merged with luxury which majority of the people desire for nowadays in this hectic and rigid life.

Haritha Homes dispenses one of the best apartments in Thrissur along with the services we provide for a quality living in Thrissur. Apartments can  not only be defined as concrete forests and also should be packed with all the provision required for a space of living. Hence there are multiple elements you have to explore on  before going for an apartment living. 

Ultimate Checklists Before Buying an Apartment in Thrissur

Apartment Costs: 

You must be aware of the cost which you are urged to pay to the seller and must give a detailed exploration before putting the offer in your hand. It is  mandatory for an individual to know the initial payment, whether there are any hidden interests, maintenance amount and period of payment. Many fraudster activities are still out there and request you to keep a step away from them.

Space and Comfort:

You spend a lot of time in the space you bought so must check for the comfort in the living room, dining hall, kitchen bathroom etc and also examine the cleanliness around and a spacious area will always give a level of fulfilment to the residents residing over in the premises.  

Car Parking: 

As the automobiles are ascending day by day so the residents who are looking for a space will definitely have to search whether car parking facility is made accessible by the owners. Not only that it must fit for all the in the apartment and ensure all latest security features are tendered in and around the spot. 

Check for Facilities Around:

Before buying a property it is the duty of the buyer to check whether it has provision for all the basic amenities one need in their daily schedule in life. Also scan for schools, hospitals, stores, security, parks, sceneries  and transportation is  accessible nearby to the apartment.

Calm and Friendly Atmosphere:

Avoid areas where peace of mind are null. Check In to a space where you get a calm and friendly environment all around. Each and everyone wishes for a relaxation period along with family or friends after the hectic work schedule of a day is over.

Pollution Free:

Pollution is one of the major issue the whole population faces at any  time of their lifetime. Look whether they avails you with quality water, food and air also clean sanitation in all means are bestowed. It is  better if you give an inspection with the help of an environmental specialist. Check whether well sewage and waste treatment plants are implemented.  


How does the apartment structurally sound? Look for the basics needed like number of power outlets shaped ,noise insulations, overall structural standard and more importantly examine whether earth has been provided to all electrical appliances. These checks can also be tendered with the help of a civil engineer too.

Market Research:

Do you have the habit of asking for a second opinion? Even if the answer is no, commence it right now!.  Consistently search for a second opinion which is what we call it  “Market Research”. Hunt for advisors, real estators and lenders and also ask  with locals and inhabitants living in or around the locality and carefully visualize their opinion about the same

Haritha Homes  has been soaring high as one of the best builders in Kerala and we scheme  to put our effort to outside countries as well for the successful and magnificent lifestyle of our customers.  

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