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Haritha Homes -The Choice for a healthy lifestyle- flats in thrissur

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Choose a healthy choice ,Its your choice 
Are you thinking of buying your dream house ? If yes , then you must be having a lot of questions and you must be looking some guidance from everyone you know?(HARITHA HOMES). Over the last couple of days I was tying to catch up with readers who have bought flats or other real estate property and asked them 3-4 questions which could give you good understanding/points of what all you should take care while buying real estate . And from them I got a clear idea that haritha homes full filled all the requirements to buy a dream home . I said because , HARITHA HOMES full fills all the basic requirements of a house

   One gets good idea of available infrastructure like nearby groceries, shops, availability of household help, situation regarding water supply etc which matters more to the lady of the house.

One can see whether building is being maintained or not. When I visited a building just two-year old, I was quite surprised to see its shabby look. It turned out that many members of society were quarreling and not paying their dues. One can easily skip such headache if buying slightly old property.

You can very well see the neighbours. It might be good idea to just meet them and greet them even if for only little time. It gives clarity on what standard of living is maintained by residents .For example, my brother skipped a building which was really well maintained, with quite good location and flat available within budget. Surprised, I asked him the reasons. It turned out that almost every one of the residents was having more than one car in family and holiday trip abroad was fairly common. My brother did not want to be part of such residency as he thought it would not be possible for him to fit in with people having such life styles since he could not afford such life style.

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There are some buildings where there is only one flat occupied on a floor, others being bought by “investors”. One can avoid possibility of living on a ghost floor by buying little old property.

Haritha Home full fills your dreams |flats and apartments in thrissur

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