Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Apartment Etiquette Of All Times | Flats For Sale In Thrissur


Showcasing  the  services as a part of the social responsibility towards the humanity, Harith Homes allocates residential villas and apartments in Thrissur to each and every section of the society. Customers are the reason for the growth and fame of our property in Thrissur, so we have  a special consideration for them in all manner. We continue the relationship even after the deal is over. Our spreads has expanded across the state too. Currently we have our wings widened with  2 / 3 bhk flats in Kerala made ready for living.

Life in flats are one which is to be remembered, even if its is for a month or year. It gives a chance to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world. Many of us are not thinking how their activities cause disturbance to others in the locked rooms. Some rules and regulations are mandatory to be followed for enjoying the weather both inside and outside the complex. Next time you see a similar situation, make both the parties aware about some etiquettes to be obeyed during the stay.

    Almost in every apartments, silent hours will be tabulated either on the way to the rooms or fixed on the walls, at the entry of the apartment. Mostly 9 pm till 9 am is marked as the quiet hours. During this time every inmates are requested to reduce the effect of noise from their side in all forms as it is one of the most complained issues to the management.       

    Talks between the people in a low audible sound won't create much concern to the neighbours around. But playing video games or watching  television using a woofer will definitely give some frustration to them. If you are living in a multistoreyed building in an upper deck, make sure not to stamp on the floor too hard with the legs or shoes. 

    Washing the clothes one wear is a difficult task for the residents even though there is a laundry available on the ground floor or nearby because you have to go to the place, find out the free washers or sometimes unavailability of the laundry for cleaning may annoy the person. Remove all the hanged dresses after drying  and make way for others.

    The verandah will be present for every rooms in the apartment. Not taking into consideration, whether it is spacious or not people will find time to sit and relax for some hours or may be minutes in the midst of the busy life. Throwing wastes away or spilling soil from plant pots, throwing words on an individual walking in the road etc will give a bad impression on you.  

    Common areas like swimming pools, canteens, kitchen are some of the spots which are open to all the residents staying in the building. Ensure to remove the remainings before leaving the kitchen or canteen. Taking care of the public places like your own can help in maintaining the cleanliness without being a disturbance to the other user's.

    As  you have bought the flat after investing a huge amount and since that, some of us will be having a desire to decorate the interiors. Eventhough they are allowed, the owners would have imposed some limits on such activities. Building a lawn or plantation outside the apartment are not allowed. Designing with lots of lightings and illuminations are discouraged. 

    Having a pet is considered as a privilege by the owners. Buying one is not a fault but don't expect others to love your pet like you do. Bath them daily to avoid any communicable diseases. Keep the dog on a  leash and control their barking to prevent distraction to the people walking through the hall. It is recommended to keep them indoors.

    Parking lot is another headache for the owners often. Most of the occupants park in the public area in front. When a group of people visits you for a reunion, park in a place without obstructing the way to the building. If the space is not available for the vehicle, move a bit far away from the normal place of residence of the car or in an allowed spot.

    Some general issues during an apartment living includes singing in a loud toned voice, commenting people passing by, smoking, liquor are strictly prohibited. Blocking the way upstairs by keeping their things on the way is not fair. Actions like threatening and stealing will be subjected to legal actions and the victims found to be guilty will be severely punished. 



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