Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Haritha Homes - Flats and Villas in Thrissur, Kerala

Haritha Homes is a reputed Company with an exemplary history and is fast setting the standards for Real Estate Developments in Kerala. Haritha provides international standards of living in a lush green setting with Traditional Architecture and Modern Engineering

Haritha Homes is a sound investment chance with its appreciation certain to surpass inflation and bank rates far and away. From booking a plot for Luxury Apartments in Thrissur , finance the villa or apartment to enjoying the luxuries of a resort community, Haritha Homes makes life a straightforward pleasure. whether or not or not it’s villas or flats, we attempt to bring you international standards of luxury and luxury villa in kerala India. we have a tendency to build homes with enough house for communities to grow and flourish.

Vaasthu Shasthra is Haritha's guide to synergize our homes with Nature. World renowned Vaasthu consultants Sri Kanippayoor Krishnan Namboothiripadu and Sri Sudarshan Kumar Sharma, blend traditional computational methods with modern engineering concepts to create a "Haritha Home" that is completely in tune with Nature.

With a concern over Society

Haritha Homes is a Builder with social commitment who keeps a loving concern over our living society. We long to be a business concern with a fleshy heart full of compassion with human concern. There are many good projects in our mind which are beneficial to our fellow men. We take it as our duty to do good to our society as our concern grows higher and higher. The more we prosper, the more our responsibility. It gives us much happiness to get a chance to do our bit to uplift our fellow beings socially, physically and intellectually.

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