Sunday, 12 June 2016

Synergizing Nature and Modern Engineering

“Nature,everything has a perfect order
and we humans must retain it forever..”

            Nature plays a vital role in human's life. There is an inseparable bond between men and nature in Haritha Campus – Flats/Apartmentsand Villas in Thrissur . Here men learns many things from nature. Look at the nature and it teaches a person how to live. Everything has an order in nature and when man tries to destroy it, he is the one affected adversely. Haritha Homes are gifted with all the blessings of nature and in return these blessings must be valued.


            Our life on earth have been eased with the introduction of modern technologies found among the villas in thrissur – Haritha Homes Campus. These technologies have changed the life style of human beings. Human beings are more addicted to electronic devices. In some cases, they even prefer modern gadgets over their own family. This creates a negative impact both for themselves and for nature too.


            Since we are the one who destroys nature, we ourselves should come forward to protect our nature. It is said that “Home is the first school”.So we should adopt first step towards synergizing nature from our own home. The 6 Rs of sustainability- ”Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Refuse, Repair, Rethink” must be always kept in mind. Children must be motivated and inspired about the neccesity for protecting nature. Using paper bags instead of plastic bags and  utilizing the used furnitures will be both economical and nautre friendly.



            Govt. is also  trying to amend laws that protect nature. Modern Engineering methodologies also helps a lot in synergizing nature. For eg:-Using power saving IC s in mobile phones helps to conserve electricity. For this India is planning to develop lithium batteries. Unplugging unused appliances and switching off computer at night also saves loads of energy.

            When we save nature, nature saves us too.So being human by being nature friendly must be our motto...

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