Wednesday, 17 August 2016

‘‘Learn The Truth About Pollution Free And Luxurious Living Environment Within An Urban Centre’’

A family is become a best in the society  were, there exist both  happy life and hygiene & health.  Just like that, a society also become rich in their status while they gain a pollution free environment and a good  living at the same time. 


            We would love to have clean, fresh air to breath, fruits and vegetables that taste as they should taste, drink clean water  and always keep a best life as per our income; its called a balanced life style. But today’s situation is totally different . We won’t get even a single sip of clean water to drink. The level of pollution is comparatively very high in urban areas than in the rural place. The main reason behind that, people have no commitment to our surroundings.

Types of pollution

  •   Air pollution
  •  Soil pollution
  • Water pollution
  •  Sound pollution…etc

 In urban areas, almost majority of people are working with huge salary. So they go for luxury always. Yes! Luxurious life is needed . Because we all are think to get best facility as it possible in every days of life. But it became harmful to nature while the luxury living cross the boundary.
            Our leaders keep promising to lead us into that dreamland but, we end up in hospitals, and nursing homes with cough, cold, asthma and other similar diseases that are the legacies of pollution. Some TV channels show the levels of pollution in leading cities – the concern ends there. The information comes at the ends of the news and does not mean much to the viewer. Those lucky few who are blessed with wealth try to lose themselves in the pollution free environment. But there also a group of people who always strive to live in urban areas.

The largest culprit is the automobiles that spew fumes. Plenty of measures have been laid out to arrest such pollution but ensuring their implementation is difficult. A solution could be to encourage the use of bicycles or solar powered or electrical vehicles till Tele- transportation Star Wars style becomes a reality. Organizations could consider introducing incentive schemes to promote project of this nature. Employees who declare that, they commute work by metro rail or by the warm would be eligible for bonus marks at the time of the annual performance review

In order to boast of a pollution free environment, we have to analyze;

  •  The reasons                      
  •  Identify & isolate them
  •  Take corrective action

After all, it can be say that, the blending of pollution free environment and luxurious living in urban areas is possible only because of  the man have to think about the safety of environment too while going for luxury. ‘Nature is the ever best gift… don’t spoil it’

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