Friday, 28 October 2016

Make your luxury villas and apartments prepared for the summer

Kerala the land of ecological vegetation and one of state with best climate in India, This was the case of Kerala a few years back. But now the situations has changed a lot ,Deforestation, land mining , demolition of hills, sand mining ,rising of concrete forest etc makes the situation lot more worst. The amount of rain decreased the temperature on summer days are increasing drastically every year ,some of the northern districts are at the edge of drought .

The climate changes resembles like the climate of middle eastern countries ,now time had arrived to make changes to our villas and flats to resist the hot summer     
The summer will be a worst nightmare for the flats and villas that don’t have proper   cross ventilation nearby trees and plants. Plants play a major role in reducing heat and creating air circulation inside the houses .planting small plants inside the house near the window will make the job easier to get a cool shade inside the house. You don’t need to worry about the ventilation problems in Haritha homes apartments and villas. We have designed the flats, villas and their surroundings in eco friendly manner.

 we have created the landscaping and gardens with state of the art architectural methodologies to ensure the mingling of peoples with nature.
In case of luxury villas  we made an initiative to cultivate some vegetables on the roof top .the root of the plats hold water droplets and the can remain wet on hot summer days ,It will also help to reduce overall heat exchange in the villa. Our apartments in thrissur were located in the outskirts of the city limits, so It maintains calm and cool surroundings.
The new methods had arrived as a savior of villas and flats with inclined roof tops. That is “cool roof paint” .It is a new technology that allows you to paint the roof top with high SRI(solar reflectance index).It has the capability to reflect the UV radiations up to an extent.

 Excel cool coat is one of the best cool roof paints with an SRI value of 122.
We have already made twin coats of cool roofing at the flats in thrissur .and done the water proofing with industrial standards. Our architects work hard to build   housing plans that sinks with nature on all climates 

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